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Jonathan Rothberg Receives the National Medal of Technology & Innovation

President Obama has named Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, founder of medical device incubator 4Catalyzer, as a recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. The award is the nation’s highest honor for technical achievement and innovation.

Butterfly Network Named in Top 12 Companies Leading the Way in Digital Health and Co-founder Named in Forbes 30 Under 30

Nevada Sanchez, a co-founder at Butterfly Network (a 4Catalyzer company), has been honored as one of Forbes 30 under 30 for 2015.

Butterfly Network Announces Over $100M in Financing to Bring Together Novel Devices, Deep Learning, and Cloud Computing to Transform Medicine

The first of three new healthcare companies from 4Catalyzer that are transforming medical imaging, pharmaceutical development, and diagnostics.


Dr. Jonathan Rothberg to speak at 2018 Yale Healthcare Hackathon

4Catalyzer founder Dr. Jonathan Rothberg will speak at the 2018 Yale Healthcare Hackathon, a three-day event where students hack innovative solutions for patient care with imaging, data analytics and other technologies. The program was organized by the Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation & Technology (CBIT) and the Yale School of Medicine Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging. Butterfly is sponsoring this year’s event and the theme is “Artificial Intelligence Enabling Medicine.”

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg at the 2017 Yale Healthcare Hackathon

View video of 4Catalyzer founder Dr. Jonathan Rothberg speaking at the 2017 Yale Healthcare Hackathon.


4Catalyzer is a Startup Accelerator Dedicated to Maximizing Societal Impact

We envision, incorporate, finance, support, and mentor a select number of startups that we are committed to make successful. Each startup is funded from the beginning for success, allowing the team to exploit new developments in physics, math, and the life sciences to create truly novel technologies and do the science enabled by being first.

Our Startups have decoded the Neanderthal Genome, enabled what the New England Journal calls the new age of molecular medicine, helped crack the disappearance of the honey bee, sequenced the first personal genome, developed promising new drugs for breast cancer, been named three times as World Economic Forum Technology pioneers, and twice as Science Magazines top innovations of the year.

The startups have dedicated space and we work intimately with them to support them strategically, administratively, legally, commercially, with regulatory agencies, as well as offer them core design, engineering, software platforms, and a supplier and manufacturing network to accelerate their programs.

Changing the lives of those we love

At 4Catalyzer we strive to transform 21st century medicine by solving today’s most challenging problems – across life science research tools, medical devices and therapeutics. We aspire to create significant societal impact and are motivated by the idea that our products will change the lives of people we love.

Fundamentally, we are focused on developing new types of sensors and pairing them with deep learning to get a window into biology and medicine that nobody has ever had before. We have audacious plans – but we have an unbeatable team and a founder that has disrupted biomedical science successfully more than once.

Come build the next $100 billion dollar industry with us and change the world.

4 C A T A L Y Z E R
Put a Dent in the Universe


Jonathan Rothberg

Chief Strategy Officer
Inventor of High-Speed DNA Sequencing

Founder Ion Torrent, RainDance, 454 Life Sciences, ClariFi, CuraGen

Gregg Fergus

Chief Commercial Officer

President of Ion Torrent, Executive in Residence at Baird, Sr VP Affymetrix

Darius Shahida

Chief of Staff

Head of Trading at a Birch Grove Capital,
Cross Asset Special Situations Desk at Morgan Stanley



Disrupting markets with novel devices


Democratizing access to technology


First to new insights

“I’ve had an amazing experience at 4Catalyzer after leaving a position in quant finance.”

-CS / Economics Major from MIT


David Ferrucci – Bridgewater Inventor of IBM's Watson Supercomputer
Max Tegmark – MIT Professor of Physics
Pierre Khuri-Yakub – Stanford Professor of Electrical Engineering
Matthew Rosen – MGH/Martinos Biomedical Imaging Leader
Ronald Walsworth – Harvard Senior Lecturer, Physics
Tian Xu – Yale Professor & Vice Chair of Genetics
Joel Bader – Johns Hopkins Assoc. Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Joel Dudley – Mount Sinai Hospital Asst. Professor, Genetics & Genomics
Charles Sodini – MIT LeBei Professor of Electrical Engineering
Brendan Manning – Harvard Professor of Genetics
Adam Cohen – Harvard Loab Professor of Natural Sciences
Antoine van Oijen – U. Groningen Professor & Chair of Advanced Materials
Antonio Torralba – MIT Professor Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Select an advisor to learn more.


4Catalyzer provides a stimulating environment where bright highly committed individuals are given the freedom, ownership, and resources to solve difficult problems.

Each 4Catalyzer company develops technologies that enable a first “new way to look” at nature giving you the opportunity to do prize-winning science, and publish high-impact work in top-tier journals like Science and Nature. If you do biochemistry like Arthur Kornberg, chemistry like Linus Pauling, genetics like Barbara McClintock, or molecular biology like Richard Roberts, we have a place for you. If you program like John Carmack, do electronics like Steve Wozniak, or design ASICs like Federico Faggin, You are perfect for us. We seek accomplished, passionate, creative individuals. If you have demigod-like abilities in image reconstruction, mixed-signal IC design, high-speed electronics, nanophotonics, microfabrication, MEMs, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, deep learning, cloud computing, embedded systems, or hold any dual degree with distinction along with computer science please contact us and “put a dent in the universe”.

NOTE TO RECRUITERS: 4Catalyzer does not accept resumes submitted by, or candidates referred from, external agencies by any means (including but not limited to via the Internet, email, fax, U.S. mail and/or verbal communications). Any third-party resume forwarded by such recruiters will be treated as a direct application and shall be deemed to be the property of the Company, and the Company reserves the right to contact the candidate directly and the recruiter will not receive any compensation from the Company.


Are you looking for sponsorship of your project-based course, technical competition, hackathon, or grand challenge? 4Catalyzer is proud to offer up to $25,000 in sponsorship per course / event. To apply for a sponsorship please submit a short description of the event, along with two CVs of your best and brightest students to Students must be graduating within 6 months and actively looking for employment to qualify. 4Catalyzer retains the right to select which events will be sponsored.


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